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Kott Koatings is a unique product. There is nothing else like it in the bathtub refinishing industry. It has been around for over 60 years and is the oldest and largest supplier of bathtub coatings in the world with over 1600 dealerships worldwide.

The competition uses paint (which is typically urethane and/or epoxy) on bathtubs and sinks, and they can peel. They also contain a base ingredient of Toluene Diisocynate (TDI) which has been found to be carcinogenic or cancer causing.

Kott Koatings glaze is not only non-toxic, it is able to adhere to the most difficult surfaces like porcelain. This positive bond ability is due to the Polymeric Bonderizer and when Kott Koatings is applied it sticks and will not peel. Please keep in mind, refinishing your fixture is not a temporary band-aid; it is a permanent, attractive solution to a worn out problem. Kott Koatings is simply better and that is why we refer to it as the "liquid porcelain process." Aesthetic Solutions of Idaho is the exclusive Kott Koatings dealer in the Treasure Valley and all Kott Koatings materials are American made.

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